Nissan Sentra

Client (Advertiser): Nissan Do Brasil
Brand: Nissan Sentra
Title: Harvey, Jenna
Agency: Lew'Lara TBWA Brazil
Production Company: Illusion, Bangkok

We came to Illusion with an idea for Nissan to show how fragile people are. We really believed in the idea and we believed that Illusion can add the details to make it come to life. We first shared our vision for the idea and straight away Illusion was on their way. Every process was very smooth and straight forward and very well understood as we shared our opinions through only emails and not one single phone call. There was not much to add or change to what Illusion has presented to us and that made us very excited every time we receive the work in progress.

Getting to the end, there was a stage where it felt like we were running out of time but the talented crew gave everything and pulled it off. At the end everyone loved and was very satisfied with the final outcome and everything was perfect. After the project was published we kept getting amazing feedbacks from well known medias and spread very fast being on many creative and design blogs. I was amazed with the whole process. Amazed with how professional and easy to work with Illusion and very happy with the results. Cannot wait to work with Illusion in another campaign.
              Bernardo Romero  - Art Director

             Bernardo Romero - Art Director



Executive Creative Director: Mariana Sa
Creative Director: Cesar Herszkowicz
Art Director: Bernardo Romero
Copywriter: Marcos Almirante
Photographer: Illusion, Bangkok
Illustrator: Illusion, Bamgkok



Cannes Lions 2013
Finalist Design Posters

One Eyeland 2013
Silver Professional CGI Artist

Wave Festivals 2013
Silver Outdoor

Ad Stars 2013
Finalist Print Craft Illustration
Finalist Outdoor Craft Illustration

The One Show 2014
2 Finalist Art Direction
2 Finalist Collateral