Client (Advertiser): Maxam
Brand: Toiletries
Title: Civilization-Rome, Civilization-Egypt
Agency: JWT Shanghai
Production Company: Illusion, Bangkok

The moment P’Chai said “Yes” to take the “Tooth” project, I can see the Cannes Lions smiling to me with a golden gleam.

Every year Illusion will receive tons of invitations from agencies all over the world, every creative desperately want P’Chai in their teams because to Creative, “Made in Illusion” is a shortcut ticket to Cannes. Be picked by Illusion, feels like passing the Cannes Lions qualifier.

It’s our second collaboration. The first is Heaven and Hell, which won us the first Grand Prix for China and tons of other awards. Working with him is such a beyond-the-word experience (or partly because I am a poor Art Director who is not good at expressing by word). I just can’t have enough of it.

Every time receiving his email with a newly updated file feels like wrapping a gift. I was like an exciting kid on the Christmas morning, all my response is a big “WOW”. If you regards your idea as your dearest baby, then he is the guy you can 100% trust and leave your baby to. You give the baby life, he fulfill its soul.

Sometimes you will think of him as a master with a comprehensive big view and sometimes, he just so detail and delicate, like the best miniaturist in the world. He is complex. He is marvel. He is P’Chai, He is Illusion. He is the illusion reality.
Haoxi Lv  - Art Director

Haoxi Lv - Art Director


It’s a cooperation again with Illusion. I was totally shocked by Illusion’s execution in the previous cooperation, the Hell and Heaven, so I was looking forward to this at that time.

When received the first draft from Illusion, I was really impressed by their execution again. All of us were amazed. For me, they were scenes that could only happen in the dream, but Illusion made them come true.

Here’s another funny detail. In the Rome chapter, Illusion placed artfully its company logo, a lion-hunter, into the scene. They told us this secret in Cannes ceremony. We were shocked again.
Danny Li  - Art Director

Danny Li - Art Director



Executive Creative Director: Yang Yeo, Elvis Chau
Creative Director: Hattie Cheng
Art Director: Haoxi Lv, Danny Li
Copywriter: Chanfron Zhao
Photographer: Illusion, Bangkok
Illustrator: Illusion, Bangkok



Cannes Lions 2012
Gold Illustration
Gold Outdoor Posters
Silver Outdoor Billboard
Silver Press
Bronze Art Direction

Spikes Asia 2012
Gold Print
Gold Outdoor Posters
Gold Illustration
Silver Art Direction
Bronze Outdoor Billboard
Bronze Art Direction
Finalist Design
Finalist Illustration

AWARD 2012
2 Silver Illustration
2 Silver Print
4 Bronze Poster & Outdoor

Epica Awards 2012
Bronze Press
Bronze Illustration

Ad Star 2012
2 Gold Print Craft
2 Silver Print
2 Silver Design

China 4As Awards 2012
2 Gold Press
Gold Outdoor
Gold Art Direction
Gold Illustration
Silver Outdoor

Longxi  Awards 2012
Gold Press
Gold Best Art Direction
Gold Best Retouching & Computer Effect
Silver Outdoor Posters
Silver Press
Bronze Outdoor Billboard
Bronze Outdoor Posters
Finalist Design
Finalist Best Illustration
Finalist Outdoor Billboard

One Eyeland 2012
Gold Professional CGI Artist

D&AD 2013
Wood Pencil Press Advertising

Adfest 2013
Gold Best Use Of Retouching / Manipulation
Gold CGI
Silver Art Direction
Silver Press
Bronze Outdoor
Finalist Outdoor
Finalist Design Poster