Client (Advertiser):  Westone (Thinking Group)
Brand: Earphones
Title: Cafe, Train, Tunnel
Agency: DDB Group Hong Kong
Production Company: Illusion, Bangkok

Nowadays craft is as important as ideas. A lot of times creative people come up with crazy images but don’t know how to bring those images to life. Those who attempt such a feat could be the ones that make or break an idea, so it’s crucial to find the right team.

The Westone Soundproof campaign is a great example. We came up with a simple idea but when we tried to execute it, we knew it was incredibly hard to bring the visual to life.

First we tried to go with photography with computer retouching but it was far from what we imagined. The proportion was not right, the location was limited and there were problems with the soundproof materials and talents etc. That’s where Illusion comes in.

With their amazing portfolio and team, you can rest assured that they will always deliver. They came up with a great solution and the more we discussed, the more we were satisfied with the outcome. With amazing 3-D rendering, we were able to achieve what we envisioned
effectively. We could constructed a subway, a restaurant and a tunnel with great ease.

At Illusion, they always go the extra mile to bring your ideas to life. From each tiny step to the last touch of the brush (sometimes even typography), Illusion treats every idea as if it was their own. Working with Illusion is a delightful experience, for they constantly bring something new to the table throughout the entire process. When it comes to finding a great production house, what else could you ask for?
          Asawin Phanichwatana  - Head of Art

          Asawin Phanichwatana - Head of Art



Executive Creative Director: Jeffry Gamble
Creative Director: Ong Shi Ping, Paul Chan, Asawin Phanichwatana
Art Director: Asawin Phanichwatana, Ciff Luk
Copywriter: Jeffry Gamble, Paul Chan
Photographer: Illusion, Bangkok
Illustrator: Illusion, Bangkok



Cannes Lions 2012
Silver Illustration
Silver Press
Bronze Outdoor
Finalist Outdoor

Spikes Asia 2012
Silver Print
Bronze Outdoor Poster
Bronze Art Direction
Bronze Illustration
Finalist Outdoor
Finalist Design Posters

Epica Awards 2012
Silver Print Craft Campaign

One Eyeland 2012
Gold Professional CGI Artist

Adfest 2013
Gold  Art Direction
Gold CGI
Silver Press
Bronze Outdoor
2 Finalist Outdoor