Love to Play

客户(广告商): Flower Rabbit
品牌: Playboy Condoms
标题: Ultra Thin, Combined, Dotted
代理商: mcgarrybowen Shanghai
制作公司: Illusion, Bangkok


This is the sixth cooperation with Illusion. It’s a simple and meaning work with Chinese culture elements. The simpler the content is, the more challengeable for the executive team, which is also the biggest advantage of Illusion.

They always have their own ideas and can always give us better suggestions, which are really icing on the cake.
Danny Li  - 执行创意总监

Danny Li - 执行创意总监



首席创意官: Jeffry Gamble
执行创意总监: Danny Li
艺术指导: Bingo Xu, Lucky Guo, Huangzong Duan
文案: Sihan Jin, Yunzhuang Zhou
摄影: Illusion, Bangkok
设计: Illusion, Bangkok