Bring Your Pet Back

Client (Advertiser): Hill's Pet Nutrition Asia Limited
Brand: Hill's
Campaign name: Bring Your Pet Back
Title: Hippo, Rhino, Hog, WaIrus
Agency: Red Fuse Communications Hong Kong
Production Company: Illusion, Bangkok

Every time Illusion presents me with their work-in-progress,
I feel like a child who’s about to open a present –
anticipation and curiosity give way to overwhelming awe.
I admire their level of attention to every single, precise detail,
and the top-notch quality of their craftsmanship always
exceeds my expectations.
        Joshua Tay  - Regional Creative Director

        Joshua Tay - Regional Creative Director



Chief Creative Officer: Tan Shen Guan
Creative Director: Joshua Tay
Art Director: Kit Yu
Copywriter: Craig Love
Photographer: Illusion, Bangkok
Illustrator: Illusion, Bangkok



Cannes Lions 2017
3 Finalist Health And Wellness
Finalist Pharma Lions
Finalist Outdoor
4 Finalist Outdoor Craft Illustration
3 Finalist Print Craft Illustration

Spikes Asia 2017
Bronze Print & Publishing
Bronze Print & Outdoor Craft Illustration
Finalist Design Illustration
Finalist Healthcare


Adfest 2018
Finalist CGI

Bronze Print Craft Art Direction
3 Bronze Print Craft Illustration
Crystal Print Craft Art Direction